ROAD2H Imperial College visit to CCUB

14.07.2017. Representatives of Imperial College London (Francesca Toni, Francis Ruiz and Kristijonas Čyras) have visited CCUB premises on Thursday, July 13h, 2017, within the implementation of ROAD2H (Resource Optimisation, Argumentation, Decision Suppoprt and Knowledge Transfer to Create Value via Learning Health Systems) project.  CCUB was represented by Jovana Vuleta, Branko Marović and Dušan Bugarski.

This project is supported by Global Challenges Research Fund and is aiming with developing of ‘learning health insurance system’ to accelerate countries’ progress towards universal health coverage (UHC).

The project will be conducted during June 2017 – May 2020 (tentative). The objectives of the project will be:

•             Phase 1: To review existing health and health insurance information systems and infrastructures in exemplar countries, against the requirements for a learning health insurance system for UHC.

•         Phase 2: To development of prototype digital tool (encompassing HTA optimization and clinical pathways) to be embedded into existing health insurance and information systems, as proof-of-concept.

•            Phase 3: To evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of the tool among health policy makers, insurance payers and clinicians, and its potential for supporting UHC.

During this meeting our distinguished guests were informed on Serbian healthcare and health information management, while roadmap and expectations from the CCUB team were disussed as well.