About us

Belgrade University Computer Centre (RCUB) began its work in 1992, in order to provide computer services to the members of the University of Belgrade. With the development of communication technologies and Internet services, many faculties of the University of Belgrade, as well as larger research centers and other universities in the country, got connected to RCUB.

Today, RCUB specializes in two main areas:

  • Information technologies – information systems allocation, software application development
  • Communication technologies – computer network allocation, development of the infrastructure and communication services based on the Internet technology

Within the information technologies and software development, RCUB’s main role was the making of the University Information System (UIS). This information system is designed for the integration of faculties’ and institutes’ data, centralized issuing of diplomas, analysis of the work of higher education institutions, as well as support for university’s processes.

In the communication technologies field, RCUB provides communication services to faculties of the University of Belgrade and represents an AMRES service centre in charge of the Internet connection, AMRES backbone, distribution links, individual connections and communication services.

There are 120 institutions in Belgrade connected to RCUB, inclusive of faculties of the University of Belgrade and the University of Arts, institutes, student dorms, libraries, teaching units of the Faculty of Medicine, and other research and education institutions. Beside providing the Internet connection and other infrastructural work, RCUB is also oriented toward the development and implementation of different services for institutions and individual users.

RCUB is especially dedicated to cultivating the research work, which is best reflected in the fact that RCUB took part in numerous international FP and TEMPUS projects.

Also, RCUB represents the ASC (Academy Support Center) and the ITC (Instructor Training Center) of the Cisco Networking Academy.