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The idea of the SEELight project (South-East European Lambda Network Facility for Research and Education) is to reduce the technological gap between countries of Europe by providing improved communication and information services and networks to their academic communities. In this sense, SEELight project aims to develop a regional optical network in South East Europe, which will solve the problem of academic network infrastructure in the region and support their integration into European academic network GEANT, as well.

It is planned to lease the fiber optic of total length of about 4200 kilometres in a period of 15 years. Moreover, the plan is to purchase the communication equipment that enables the use of multiple independent connections (lambda) by a pair of optical fibers, which will further increase the capacity, reliability and efficiency of the network.

This would provide long-term optical infrastructure to Academic Network of Serbia (AMRES), and will connect a total of 50 cities and about 180 institutions in Serbia (with connection speeds of 1 Gbps and links with neighbouring academic networks at speeds of 10 Gbps).

SEELight project is co-funded by the Reconstruction Plan for the Balkans, Greece (HiPERB) and the Government of the Republic of Serbia (80% - 20%). Apart from the project Corridor 10 (Niš – Dimitrovgrad highway), SEELight is the only project in Serbia, which is co-funded by the HiPERB program.

Expected period of project implementation: 2009. - 2012.