DNS service

This service enables unique mapping of computer and domain names into internet addresses.  Institutions have the option of hosting their Internet domains on DNS servers in RCUB. RCUB sets the institutions’ domain and maintains it.  Primary DNS service is available to the institutions that are unable to put this service into function satisfactorily (due to poor connectivity, lack of servers or administrators, etc.). Secondary DNS service is available to all institutions and other partner organizations, as a redundant service compared to the primary DNS that is in the vicinity of individual institutions.

Within this service RCUB conducts the following activities:
• maintains full functionality of DNS service in the hierarchy of domains;
• performs monitoring of the service;
• protects the server from viruses and unauthorized users;
• takes care of regular backups of data
• realizes technical support

NOTE: In case of primary DNS service hosting in the RCUB, common interest is to create conditions that the institution take the full control and responsibility for further maintenance. The institution will have the full support of RCUB in that sense.
Individual users have to configure which DNS servers will be reffered on their PCs. Server will be used in translating Internet names and addresses of the computers.

Individual users usually use DNS servers of their host institutions. If not, you can use the following DNS servers in the RCUB:
• - ns.rcub.bg.ac.rs
• - gaea.rcub.bg.ac . rs

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