Web hosting

Web hosting service allows institutions the option of setting (hosting) site to the web server in the RCUB. It provides the space on the server, access to system applications required for the web site realization (Joomla, SQL, etc.) and remote access to system for administering the allocated space and web site. Hosted presentations are visible under the institution's own domain (for example www.institution.bg.ac.rs ).
In addition, RCUB allows its users with to have personal web presentations - web hosting for individual users. This service is automatically provided to users who open RCUB username or e-mail address on the following servers:

• afrodita.rcub.bg.ac.rs - for teaching staff at all faculties of the University of Belgrade
• tesla.rcub.bg.ac.rs - for students of all faculties of the University of Belgrade.

Consequently, forms of presentation are as following - afrodita.rcub.bg.ac.rs / or tesla.rcub.bg.ac.rs ~ user / ~ user, where the "user" name (username) is the same as in the e-mail address.
Individual users have the opportunity of remote accessing to Linux system over ssh shell service when posting personal presentations.
Web hosting service includes:
• Maintenance of full on-line web server functionality and visibility of the site,
• creating usernames on servers,
• monitoring of server and web services,
• Protection from potential hacker attacks,
• allocation of adequate disk space,
• the ability of remote accessing the server for personal presentations posting;
• uninterruptible power supply (UPS) of web servers with time autonomy of 30 minutes
• regular data backup.

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